Ralf Kunkel STE077 at ZAM001.ZAM.KFA-JUELICH.DE
Tue Jul 12 02:29:58 EDT 1994

I defined an A3-Postscript device driver for GRASS4.1.3 on RS/6000 named
/grass4.1/etc/paint/ps.devices/abc with the following specifications:

        level: 2
        page width: 11.69
        page height: 16.53
        top margin: 0.5
        bottom margin: 0.5
        left margin: 0.25
        right margin 0.25
        resolution: 400

When I try to select this device using ps.device painter=abc, I`ve got the
        Illegal parameter range for painter
        legal range (nabc)

Does anybody know, what`s going on there and what I have to do to get this
printer selected ?

Thanks in advance
Ralf Kunkel

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