Andrea Giacomelli andreag at
Tue Jul 12 13:25:24 EDT 1994

> I defined an A3-Postscript device driver for GRASS4.1.3 on RS/6000 named
> /grass4.1/etc/paint/ps.devices/abc with the following specifications:
>         level: 2
>         page width: 11.69
>         page height: 16.53
>         top margin: 0.5
>         bottom margin: 0.5
>         left margin: 0.25
>         right margin 0.25
>         resolution: 400
> When I try to select this device using ps.device painter=abc, I`ve got the
> message:
>         Illegal parameter range for painter
>         legal range (nabc)
> Does anybody know, what`s going on there and what I have to do to get this
> printer selected ?
> Thanks in advance
> Ralf Kunkel
I had the same problem. It seems that the command just reads what it wants
from the command line. It's not a technical explanation, but this is the
impression I had.
I went over the problem by modifying the source to use as defaults the parameters
for A4 paper. But if you need to change format, this won't do!

					Andrea Giacomelli
					andreag at

					DIIAR Politecnico di Milano, Italia

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