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Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Wed Jul 13 14:54:59 EDT 1994

Some very brief answers!:
> 	I have been using GRASS for a few weeks now and I'm starting to become
> comfortable with it but I am now in the process of converting different data
> formats into GRASS.  I have been looking through the manuals and tutorials
> in order to find the best way to transfer the data into GRASS.  I presently have
> been trying to convert DXF format and Generic Multibeam Format (GMF) into 
                 Use - this will only work on 2D dxf files (not 3D)
                 and does NOT bring attributes. Sorry! Don't know anything
                 about GMF (sounds straight out of Star Trek!).

> GRASS.I also was faced with the task of converting raster data files in 
> GRASS into vector data files in GRASS and I haven't had much luck in finding 
      Use r.poly or r.line, depending if you want to end up with line or
      polygon features. The GRASS vector files *MUST* have attributes to
      convert to raster.

> anything to dothis.  If anybody has information on the DXF, GMF to GRASS or
> the conversion of
> raster to vector with in GRASS, please write.  
> Thanks,
> Dan Reilly
> University of Rhode Island
> Ocean Engineering

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