i.class->i.cluster seed file

O. Hellwich olaf at photo.verm.tu-muenchen.de
Fri Jul 15 11:36:53 EDT 1994

Hi GRASS users,

Does anybody know what the use of a seed file (e.g. from i.class)
in i.cluster is? As far as I understand i.cluster it does an 
unsupervised computation of a signature file. But apparently it
can be supported by a signature from a supervised classification.
Doing this I found that the number of classes i.cluster generates
is limited to the number of classes in this additional input signature
(seed) file. Now I don't really understand why i.cluster should be
used with such a given signature file. May be it "improves" the

Does anybody know more about this matter? 
Thanks for your help.

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