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Fri Jul 15 15:16:16 EDT 1994

> Sorry to keep going on about this topic, but I need help - again  8-)
> I know I've asked some of these questions before, but I'm so confused. 
> I've therefore tried to put together a cohesive set.
> (i) I seem to be getting conflicting information concerning the ability 
> of GRASS to produce A3 Postscript - can anyone confirm that they have 
> produced full A3 sized maps from GRASS ?

We produce D-size (24" x 36") PostScript output with - no problem. The 
only trick is to make sure that your ps.device/___ file really reflects the 
printable page area of your printer.

(lines deleted)

> A recent message concerning 'Printing tabloid .. on HP' had some info. 
> about amending the Postscript file pagesize by adding the command 
>        <</PageSize [792 1224]>> setpagedevice
> However when I tried adding this ghostscript and the XL300 both 
> complained and our LaserIV just didn't do anything ?
> (vi) Is this command correct ? - it doesn't look like any of the other 
> commands in the Postscript 
> (vii) Is the GRASS Postscript therefore missing the correct ? form of the 
> command ?

It's never caused any grief on any of our software (NewsPrint, Freedom of Press,
Ghostview). If you really want the latest info, get _PostScript Language 
Reference Manual_, Second Ed., from Addison Wesley.

> Many thanks again,
> Steve Culshaw
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