Intergraph Import/Export

Jim Klein lkla at
Thu Jul 14 20:48:35 EDT 1994

I know I have seen some discussion on this recently but could not find it 
in the archives.  Has any one had success at exporting Grass Raster files 
to Integraph MGE (unix).  Has anyone had any success at importing 
Microstation Design Files -- .dgn I think, into Grass.  I believe the 
vector files started out as dlg3 optional, were imported and enhanced in 
Arc, and then moved over to the Intergraph MGE software.  My problem is 
that I would like to use the files in Grass, with other data I already 
have and then give the whole data set back for use in the Intergraph MGE 

Any help with this conundrum would be appreciated.

Jim Klein 
lkla at

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