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Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Fri Jul 15 17:55:20 EDT 1994

> I know I have seen some discussion on this recently but could not find it 
> in the archives.  Has any one had success at exporting Grass Raster files 
> to Integraph MGE (unix). 
	I haven't tried this, but I would expect it to be possible as long as
	the GRASS raster file is uncompressed (r.compress -u) and you have all
	 of the header info from the cellhd directory. Note how many bytes per
	cell are being used in the GRASS file (the "format:" in the header).

> Has anyone had any success at importing 
> Microstation Design Files -- .dgn I think, into Grass.  I believe the 
> vector files started out as dlg3 optional, were imported and enhanced in 
> Arc, and then moved over to the Intergraph MGE software.  My problem is 
> that I would like to use the files in Grass, with other data I already 
> have and then give the whole data set back for use in the Intergraph MGE 
> system.  

	Either a) have the files exported in DLG3 Optional format directly from
	Intergraph, or b) import the dgn file to Arc/Info using the IDGNARC
	command, and then export from A/I to GRASS. Sorry!
> Any help with this conundrum would be appreciated.
> Jim Klein 
> lkla at
> 703-739-0972
Good luck!
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