Still trouble w/ Solaris

Ronald Thomas ront at niwot.CNR.ColoState.EDU
Mon Jul 18 08:39:31 EDT 1994

In article <9407151603.AA05406 at ocesun1.oce.uri.EDU> you write:
>So I got past that problem.  But I get another error.
>Graph_Set: can't open 
>Error - Can't set up pipe to graphics device.
>Problem selecting x0. Will try once more
>Error - Can't set up pipe to graphics device.
>I get that error for both x0 and x1.  This is using d.mon on Solaris2.3 from
>the moon binary release.  Any more words of wisdom?
>-Stephen Dzurenko
> e-mail: steve at


Did you rebuild the fifos?  It is my understatnding that they get "lost" in
a tar.  Someone else will have to post on how to do that, but it is an
operating system command.

(The "fifos" are mysterious little beings that live in the device
directories of GRASS code and binaries, where they slow down X signals in
order to collect tolls or something.  Then they let the signals pass -- that why
it takes so long for things to draw, etc.  :-)   )

Ron T - Estes Park, CO - ront at

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