UTM to attribute value

Nathan Kuhnert nrkuhner at chief.ecn.uoknor.edu
Mon Jul 18 07:06:35 EDT 1994

I have used r.random to generate some UTM points from my raster as well
as make a sites file of some UTM points of interest.  I am interested in
the corresponding value associated with the UTM location(raster cell) and
I am having to use d.what.rast to click on the marker on the raster map
to see the value.  Is there a better way to determine the attribute value of the
UTM cordinates rather that using d.what.rast.  Maybe input the UTM or LL 
cordinate and the output will be the corresponding raster value.

				Thank you
				nrkuhner at chief.ecn.uoknor.edu

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