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I know this is a message suited for the programmer's list, but I think
the user's list is more widely read.  Besides, programmer's are users
too.  So I am throwing this message on this list also.

I am currently interfacing GMT (Generic Mapping Toolkit) to grass.
On a Sun Solaris2.3.  When compiling, I get an error because 
the header file syslimits.h cannot be found.  I have run into this
problem before while attempting to compile other applications on 
Suns (both SunOS4.1.3 and Solaris2.3).  I have searched the entire
system for this file and did not find it.  Does anyone familiar 
with development on Suns know what syslimits.h is and why I cannot
find it on either operating system?

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Thank you very much.

The output looks like this...
--------begin output---------

keywest$ m.dem.examine grandjunction.dem

file #1
GRAND JUNCTION - E               CO     

min elevation: 1307.000000  max elevation: 3306.000000

ns_res: 0.000000  ew_res: 0.000000
# of columns in file =   0

file north UTM = 144000.000000
file south UTM = 140400.000000
file east UTM = 0.000000
file west UTM = -392400.000000

(outside the current geographic region)
tape min elevation:1307  tape max elevation:3306
----end output------

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