Matthew Savoie matt at keywest.atmos.coloState.edu
Thu Jul 21 17:43:35 EDT 1994

: Dear Sree,
: I am trying to use your suggestion to use m.dmaUSGSread, m.rot90, and r.in.ll
: for the DEM data I got from the ftp site, but I do not know what information to
: supply for some of the parameters these commands ask for.  Specific questions:

: 1.  When I go to the ftp site to get the DEMs, there is a message that comes up
: that says to use the UNIX command: dd if=(inputfilename) of=(outputfilename)
: ibs=4096 cbs=1024 conv=unblock.  So do I use this command at the UNIX prompt 
: after I get the file from the ftp site, or do I use this command within the
: m.dmaUSGSread GRASS command?  And if I do use it in the m.dmaUSGSread command,
: do I use the whole command, or just the information that the manual asks for?
: (In the manual it does not ask for cbs=xxxx or conv=unblock.)

: 2.  In the m.rot90 command, it asks for bpc value (bytes per cell).  Where do I
: find this information?  And for number of rows and columns, can I just use the
: maximum number (1201), or do I have to know the exact number of rows and 
: columns?  If I need the exact number, where do I find this information?

: 3.  In the r.in.ll command, it asks for bpc value again, corner latitude and
: longitude, and resolution of the input (in arc seconds).  Where do I find this
: information?

: Sorry for all the questions, but I have been trying to get these DEMS into
: GRASS for three days now, and I am desperate.  Appreciate any help you can
: give me.

: Ms Jeri Krueger


Hi, I'm trying to do the exact same thing and I'm not having any luck
either.  If you do discover the secret to this would you mind passing
on the information my way?  I'd appreciate it and I'll do the same for

Good luck

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