Double lines in MAPGEN

Chris D Garvin (garvinc at GARVINC at SILL-EMH.ARMY.MIL
Wed Jul 27 09:41:06 EDT 1994

To all you master MAPGEN folks out there:

I am trying to make parallel lines similar to those you would see on a topo
map for one of our new sportsman's maps. I have vector files of our road
network broken down by class and want to show them with something besides the
single solid or dashed lines available in the make.line shell. In looking at
the lines command in MAPGEN I see that you can use a symbol to represent the
linear feature, but I'll be dogged if I can get it to work.

I have also tried to turn the vector line into a raster ( and then
back to a vector (r.poly -l) but all I get is a bunch of very small boxes
where all the raster pixels change direction.

We are plotting on a HP Draftmaster SX, from a SUN IPX running GRASS 4.1 and
MAPGEN 4.0. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I'd hate to have to go over
and use the Microstation PC program to do this.

Chris D Garvin -- Ft Sill, OK

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