Rick Thompson rick at cast.uark.edu
Wed Jul 27 11:47:56 EDT 1994

Hi, Dan.
  Compare the eastings and northings in your ascii file with 'good' ascii files
that display. They are probably reversed. If you would like a script I use to
do this (from a related task), let me know. Rick
> 	I am presently trying to convert lat-lon coordinates into vector maps.
> I have successfully converted the data into UTM form with the m.ll2u command
> and then put it into grass ascii format using an awk program.  I then use the
> v.in.ascii command and a vector map is created.  This is where I run into 
> trouble.  When I use the d.vect command the map does not display.  I tried 
> other maps that had been create other ways and they work so I don't know what is
> wrong.  The map that I created is within the region so it should display.  If
> there is anything that I didn't do or set please respond.
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