F77 on linux

Randy Terbush dsndata!sierra!randy at sterling.com
Thu Jul 28 10:02:09 EDT 1994

> hello,
> Is there anything like fortran77 for linux. I have linux with C but I
> need fortran77 on my linux platform badly. If there exist any such
> program for linux, I will be very happy to receive more info on it.
> thanks in advance.

Get f2c (fortran to C compiler).  I think I have seen it on sunsite
in the Linux archives. It has been ported to many platforms, and I
understand that if you put it in a  script file like 'fcc' you won't
be able to tell the difference from compiling C.

I am off to grab the same for my NetBSD machine being new to Grass...

Randy Terbush
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