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Sun Jul 31 08:30:34 EDT 1994

On Thu, 28 Jul 1994, Rica Saporta wrote:
>  1. which verions of GRASS should i get?
>  2. where do i find it? (is there an ftp site for it)?
>  3. where do i get licensing (?sp) information (i get the feeling
>      that some parts of GRASS are Public Domain but i dont want to
>      be wrong about somthing like that ;) ) ?
>  4. where can i get some documentation about installation and command 
>     description (if they are available in some concise manual) ?

Something I've been wishing for for a long time: a GRASS FAQ that answers
these and other questions that we see on this list so often. How about it?
I'm willing to work on it... if there are two or three others, we can do 
it in a few days!

P. Martijn van Leusen
Institute of Prehistory, University of Amsterdam   martijn at

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