New Ordering Information for GRASS Products

Carine O'Neil coneil at
Mon Jan 23 16:09:32 EST 1995

                Announcement of GRASS Products Available
                  now from CRSSA, Rutgers University

As you probably have read by now in the "Announcement:  GRASS Activities
Moved/Survey", the former Open GIS Foundation (who had assumed GRASS
distribution/support from the former GRASS Information Center at USACERL)
has recently transferred GRASS support and distribution responsibilities
to us at the Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis (CRSSA), Rutgers Un
iversity.  Thus, the following is an updated list of GRASS products and prices:

Item Name:              Item Price:     s&h Eurp,               s&h Asia,
                                        Cnda, S&C Amer:         Africa, Astrla:

GRASS User's Manual     $70.00/each     US$10.00                US$15.00

XGRASS User's Guide     $50.00/each     US$10.00                US$15.00

GRASS Programmer's      
Manual                  $60.00/each     US$10.00                US$15.00

GRASS 4.1 Manual
Set (all three above)   $170.00/each    US$25.00                US$35.00

GRASS 4.1.2 CD-ROM      $100.00/each    US$10.00                US$15.00

GRASS Source Code
Tape (sizes below)      $100.00/each    US$10.00                US$15.00

GRASS Tutorial Set
(of Ten)                $30.00/each     US$10.00                US$15.00

GRASS Video             $35.00/each     US$10.00                US$15.00

GRASS Video Set         
(of Three)              $90.00/each     US$15.00                US$20.00

Videos: (1) Videography & GIS, a.k.a New Tools for GRASS Users  
        (2) The GRASS Story
        (3) Global Change & GRASS, a.k.a Global Data & the Animation of
            Vegetative Production

Tape Sizes:  (1)  1/4 inch cartridge    (2)  8mm cassette

Shipping within the U.S. is $10.00 for each video or manual set, and $5.00 for
each individual item.  For out-of country shipping charges, please see above.
For express mailing charge, please contact Carine O'Neil at:

                Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis (CRSSA)
                P.O. Box 231, College Farm Rd.
                Cook College, Rutgers University
                New Brunswick, NJ  08903

        Phone #:  (908) 932-1582        FAX #:  (908) 932-8746

When ordering, please make check, money order, or purchase order (faxed
p.o.'s acceptable) payable to:

        "Rutgers, the State University of NJ", sent attn:  Carine O'Neil.

Please include both mailing and billing addresses, along with phone #,
FAX #, and e-mail address.              

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