Interests in a CD-ROM containig GRASS for LINUX?

Andreas Holz Andreas.Holz at
Thu Jan 12 11:42:05 EST 1995


        I would like to redistribute my GRASS-XGRASS port to LINUX to
        the GRASS (Linux) community.

        It would contain the complete Source-tree, update 4, the object-files
        and the libaries, XGRASS statically linked.

        src complete compiled
        src.alpha complete compiled almost complete compiled
        src.related -> running RIM

        Spearfish and Imagery included.

        I will try to create a live-running version to run GRASS directly
        from the CD-ROM, only some files, e.g. the dev, locks directory
        has to stay on disk.

        It is possible to add the binaries for SUN (SunOs 4.1.3, 4.1.4)
        including completely running XGRASS and binaries for SGI, also
        including completely running XGRASS and SG3d.

                Am I allowed to create such a CD-ROM and sell ist at
                manufacturing costs?

                Who is interested in this CD-ROM, please respond directly to me
                don't waste bandwith on this list.
                (holzandr at

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