topmodel and grass

James Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Thu Jan 12 14:54:06 EST 1995

some have asked about topmodel and grass integration done at purdue.
I don't know anything about it but I was able to dig up the following

 Title:       Adapting a physically based hydrologic model with a geographic
                information system for runoff prediction in a small
 Author:      Chairat, Sihem
 Notes:       Major Professor: Delleur.
              Department Head: Drnevich.
              University Microfilm No.: 93-34327.
              Thesis (PhD)--Purdue University, CE, 1993.
 Subject Headings:
              Engineering, Civil.

She *may* be reached chairat at (I don't know - she
may be long gone by now). Her major professor may be reached
at delleur at

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