Raster to Vector Conversion

srouten at antimony.service.indiana.edu srouten at antimony.service.indiana.edu
Thu Jan 12 16:01:53 EST 1995

I've just downloaded the Linux Binaries for GRASS hoping to find a
utility which can convert a raster image to a dxf file.  I have 20
source files which are 5100x3300 bitmaps in targa format.  The
bitmaps are scans of floor plans which I need to convert to dxf for
import into AutoCAD.  Is this something GRASS can do?  If so, are
there pitfalls?  Is the output quality high?

I would endeavor to find this out for myself, but I've got to produce
drawings for bids in one and a half weeks.  I appreciate any advice
you can lend on this topic, or pointers to other Raster to Vector

email: srouten at antimony.service.indiana.edu

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