Stratigraphic soil cross-sections??

James Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Tue Jan 10 19:06:42 EST 1995

would a combination of d.what.rast/r.what and g.gnuplot
be useful here?


motte (motte at writes on 10 Jan 95:
>Tim Miller writes:
>> To All,
>> I have sites that have soil pedon data, I have used the sites with
w to create a raster surfaces for each attribute.  I also have large scale dem 
with 1-meter smaplings.  I want to create stratigraphic cross-section from vari
ous raster layers.
 Ca> n this be done in GRASS?  What is the best way do it?.  I have done this s
ame process in Arc/Info, but I would realy like to do it in GRASS.
>> Thanks
>> Tim Miller
>There is no standard GRASS command that does this; d.profile only takes
>one input layer to draw a profile. I don't think it should be extremely
>difficult to write something that takes several layers for input, but I'm
>not aware of anyone having already done this.
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