d.text under solaris 2.3

Rebecca Scheckler rebecca at vt.edu
Tue Jan 10 10:06:18 EST 1995

I recently upgrade from Solaris 1 to Solaris 2.3.  I have grass 4.1
confgiured for solaris 2.3.  most of the features seem to work fine.  I am
having trouble with d.text.  The following code worked under solaris 1
setting up my graphics monitor with frames and titles:
##### set up title and frame areas
$GBIN/d.frame -e
$GBIN/d.frame  -c frame=map at=0,92,0,100
$GBIN/d.frame -c frame=title at=93,100,0,100
$GBIN/d.frame -s frame=title
$GBIN/d.font font=romant

$GBIN/d.text << EOF
.C white
.S 70
${opid} Rockingham County
$GBIN/d.frame -s frame=map

Now everything works except for d.text.  I get ther message:
ERROR: Unable to open the temporary file.
I get the same message withe following code that actually creates a tmp file:

##create a tmp file with title info
echo ".C white" >! ../text/tmpOP
echo ".S 70" >> ../text/tmpOP
echo "${opid} Rockingham County" >> ../text/tmpOP
chmod 777 ../text/tmpOP

Anyone have an idea as to how to solve this problem?

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  Information Systems and Insect Studies   rebeccas at vtvm1(bitnet)
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