Linux/Grass Configurations

Milton Ribeiro mribeiro at
Tue Jan 10 05:20:27 EST 1995

Dear Michael:

I have instaled Linux & Grass4.1 in a PC with the following configuration:
        PC486DX2 66mhz
        8MB RAM
        HD 500MB
        VLBUS (32 bits)
        Monitor Sansung SyncMaster 3
        Monitor Card TVGA 8900 with 2048K
        Ethernet card NE2000

This configuration are OK to work with Linux and GRASS.

Buts my suggestion is you to buy a 17" monitor to you have the best visual
resolution. I'm using a HP560C & HP4P (deskjet & laserjet) to produce my

Good luck & and sorry-me for my 'bad english'!

Best regards,
Miltinho (RIBEIRO, M.C.)
Quantitative Methods Laboratory
Forest Science Department
ESALQ/University of Sao Paulo

On Mon, 9 Jan 1995, Michael A. Lefsky wrote:

> I am interested in getting information about prefered hardware for
> running grass under linux. What processors, size of hard drive, amount
> of RAM, graphics card etc., are you using, and are you happy with them?
> Given a limited budget, what is a minimum configuration? If there is
> interest I will post a summary of responses.
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