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Simon Cox s.cox at dem.csiro.au
Thu Jan 5 21:03:31 EST 1995

>4- v.to.rast to convert from vector to raster format.
>However, the last program was running for about 5 mins and finally I ended up
>with an empty
>raster file!.
>This vector file includes
>streams data in a catchment which does not need category labels, I guess. If
>so, how can I
>address this category labels using v.digit program or any other programs?.

v.to.rast will only write convert labelled objects (points, lines,areas),
so you MUST give at least "dummy" labels to the valid objects before
converting.  You can use v.alabel to label all unlabelled areas, or get
Darrell McCauley's v.llabel to do the same for lines (to save the tedium of
doing it in v.digit).

This is his address:  mccauley at ecn.purdue.edu

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