GRASS X monitors

Randy Hills rhills at
Wed Jan 11 12:31:12 EST 1995

My two cents worth.  The problem is essentially unsolvable, given that 
individual display monitors do not share color in an X colormap sense.  
The first monitor allocates x amount of sharable color cells from the X 
colormap, and the second tries to allocate the same color cells, but is left
with something less because an individual color requested by Grass is not 
always returned by X.

One solution is to create a colormap specific to Grass monitors.  A high-end 
display can usually share colormaps, so Grass could create a colormap with the
colors it needs, and share it between Grass monitors.
However, most low to medium-end monitors allow only one colormap to be used at
any one time, and I think Grass makes this assumption in its coloring scheme.
Creating a new colormap for Grass would work for Grass monitors, but this 
would throw off the coloring scheme for the rest of your display.  I haven't
been around Grass too long, but maybe this was done in a previous version?  

Randy Hills, National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (NOHRSC)
National Weather Service
Minneapolis,  MN

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