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> A problem was recently brought to my attention regarding the use of multiple
> X display monitors in GRASS.  When using two or more X display monitors,
> the monitors started after the first one appear normal until an image is
> displayed, at which time the monitor(s) fade to a dull grey and by default
> erases to a dull grey.  Images subsequently displayed also appear to have a h
ighly muted colortable.  This even happens when the colormode is set to float.
> Has anyone encoutered this problem and/or developed a solution?  Any help
> would be appreciated.
> Mark Gibb
Yes, I and many others have had this problem and reported it to the grassu
and grassp lists. I have never seen any reply that offered a solution (at
least not in the past 3 years). I'm sure many Grass users would appreciate
you working on a solution...

Martijn van Leusen

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