Malcolm Williamson malcolm at cast.uark.edu
Wed Jan 18 10:37:55 EST 1995

> Can anyone tell me either how to get this to compile - I'm using the one 
> in the grass src.contrib/SCS directory, which fails looking for an 
> include sunrast.h and something to do with a libtiff.a 
> - or where is an updated version of the software is ?
> I've had a look on 'moon' but can't see it - I've also downloaded the 
> 'ls-lR' in /grass and there's no mention of it there
> Thanks,
> Steve Culshaw
> NRA North West
> e-mail : nra at cix.compulink.co.uk (use this for general usage)
> or         sculshaw at cix.compulink.co.uk (Private - only checked at best 
> biweekly)
I seem to remember it needing some SunView libraries, which were available
under SunOS 4.1.x but are not under Solaris 2.x. I don't know if you are
compiling on a Sun or not (you didn't mention!), but what I ended up doing
was using the old binaries from our 4.1.3 compilation with our Solaris 2.3

You might try contacting someone at SCS (now NRCS) who might know something
about the program.

Good luck!
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