grass4.1 on HP9000/715 9000/715

Bernd Hebel bernd at
Wed Jan 18 10:11:15 EST 1995

I finally succeeded in downloading the grass4.1 source via ftp and then
wanted to compile. As everybody knows, this may cause a lot of problems
and so it did. Also I have to compile such a huge complex of programms for
the first time so that the few hints given in the grass4.1 installation guide
are not enough information to be successful within reasonable time.
Therefore I would like to ask if there is amybody out there, who has
binaries of grass4.1 to be used on my HP 9000/715 machine or knows if those
exist and where to get them. Furthermore (in case I will have to compile) I
would bevery happy to know someone to frequently pose questions to in order to
be able to realize the compilation.

Thank you all in advance for your help,

regards,    Bernd HEBEL

 bernd hebel					    {:-)_____]
 universitaet fuer bodenkultur
 institut fuer hydraulik und landeskulturelle wasserwirtschaft
 a-1190  wien, nussdorfer laende 12
 austria - europe
 bernd at

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