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James Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Wed Jan 18 13:00:27 EST 1995

Bart Cosyn (bcosyn at writes on 18 Jan 95:
>I was able to connect to
>and i am glad to see this archive. It will help a lot for people to solve 
>problems that were putted on the list already before. But if we want this 
>tool becoming  very helpfull i have some important remarks.

[excellent comments about Subject lines and annoying 
 "service" messages deleted]

>much more easy. Any case, I do not remember who or which group takes care 
>of this, i am greatfull to see this on the web! Thanks

I believe that it's Russ Houghland that receives mail from
grass-lists-owner at moon, but I could be wrong. I did the WWW archiving
in hypermail - noone at CERL at had anything to do with it.

Let me reiterate: I DID THIS ONLY AS A DEMO.  I was really hoping that
a few folks would volunteer to provide this service to the rest of
us (one per continent would be good, with maybe an extra one in the UK).

The WWW/hypermail archive seems to be pretty popular (from looking at
the access log).  It is super-simple to set up, but I don't have the
20-30 MB or so that it would take to process all of the old archives
and keep adding messages on a daily basis. It would also require
setting up a dummy account to receive mail (for which I do not have
authorization). I would be more than willing to provide technical
assistance to anyone wishing to offer this service.


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