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Bart Cosyn bcosyn at
Wed Jan 18 04:11:15 EST 1995

Hi all,

I was able to connect to

and i am glad to see this archive. It will help a lot for people to solve 
problems that were putted on the list already before. But if we want this 
tool becoming  very helpfull i have some important remarks.

1) Main point (as one every users list) is putting in your mail header a 
clear subject. Please fill in there the most important keyword. f.i. 
mention always the module in Grass with which you have problems and try to
use the Grass "language" for the subjects. 

2) Indeed as other people already mentioned avoid to  subscribe, 
unsubscribe, ping and so on on grassu-list at but use for 
that grassu-request at 

I know it is hard not to have these messages on the list but at least we 
can give it a try. And in this way the cleaning of this list should be 
much more easy. Any case, I do not remember who or which group takes care 
of this, i am greatfull to see this on the web! Thanks



	ir. Bart Cosyn
	EC- Environment project
	Environmental modelling group
	Via Nazario Sauro, 10
	Tel +/39/70/2796278
	Fax +/39/70/2796216
	E-mail: bcosyn at

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