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Tim Martin (martin at writes to 
grassu-list at on 19 Jan 95:
>[Bernd wrote, re - Integrating GRASS and simulation models]
>> I know of ANSWERS, AGNPS and TOPMODEL as being integrated, WEPP is about 
>> to be implemented, but there still only a hillslope version is existing.
>Can anyone give us information on how to find these, or find out 
>about the projects, if they aren't yet "complete" projects?
>The first one I know already.  Where are the others?
>ANSWERS  - in the grass4.1 release, in the directory
>AGNPS    - ??

We have the source code for this at Purdue, but I don't know why this
hasn't been contributed to GRASS.  If I can get permission to
distribute it (Srini?), I will clean it up and make it available on my
ftp site. It may require a FORTRAN compiler unless I can f2c-ize
it. I don't believe that there's any documentation/man pages.


As Karen pointed out, this has been integrated into GRASS.  I sent a
message to Jacques Delleur (delleur at asking about this,
but my mail was never answered.  One reason that it has not been
distributed (that I found from someone on Sihem's graduate committee)
is that she hardcoded some things specific to a particular watershed.

Karen also mentioned that Dale White at Ohio State may have worked
with this.  His email address appears to be dawhite+ at
(in case anyone wants to follow up on this). Jane Rossing in AGEN
at Cornell may also know more (she doesn't appear to
be subscribed anyone, but her email address is jr20 at

Perhaps someone could followup with these people and post a summary.
I'd be willing to do limited hacking to make this available (if I
had a starting point).

>WEPP     - ??

see the WEPP page at:

I don't know much about this, but these folks are just across the
parking lot from me. A human to ask may be David Whittmore
(del at Checking his home page 

I see that he's made the source code and documentation available via
anonymous ftp (see link in Web page - be sure not to get lost in
David's recreational links ;-)


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