AGNPS-GRASS homepage (Was: GRASS and simulation models)

James Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Wed Jan 25 12:44:14 EST 1995

The following URL:

contains links to source code and documentation for the AGNPS-GRASS
interface written by Dr. Raghavan Srinivasan (srin at and
Dr. Bernie Engel (engelb at with modifications by me
(mccauley at Feedback regarding the portability of the
code or readability, accuracy, and completeness of the documentation
should be directed to aggrass at

The source for the model is in FORTRAN 77 (with some non-standard
things, like indentation). Since AGNPS has changed slightly since this
project was initiated,




James Darrell McCauley (mccauley at writes on 19 Jan 95:
>Tim Martin (martin at writes to 
>grassu-list at on 19 Jan 95:
>>[Bernd wrote, re - Integrating GRASS and simulation models]
>>> I know of ANSWERS, AGNPS and TOPMODEL as being integrated, WEPP is about 
>>> to be implemented, but there still only a hillslope version is existing.
>>Can anyone give us information on how to find these, or find out 
>>about the projects, if they aren't yet "complete" projects?

>>AGNPS    - ??
>We have the source code for this at Purdue, but I don't know why this
>hasn't been contributed to GRASS.  If I can get permission to
>distribute it (Srini?), I will clean it up and make it available on my
>ftp site. It may require a FORTRAN compiler unless I can f2c-ize
>it. I don't believe that there's any documentation/man pages.

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