GRASS and simulation models

James Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Wed Jan 25 12:54:04 EST 1995

James Darrell McCauley (mccauley at writes on 19 Jan 95:
>Tim Martin (martin at writes to 
>grassu-list at on 19 Jan 95:
>>[Bernd wrote, re - Integrating GRASS and simulation models]
>>> I know of ANSWERS, AGNPS and TOPMODEL as being integrated, WEPP is about 
>>> to be implemented, but there still only a hillslope version is existing.
>>WEPP     - ??
>see the WEPP page at:

>I see that he's made the source code and documentation available via
David tells me that this is only a DOS executable and associated
(hillslope) interfaces. He says that the user interfaces do run under
UNIX but have not been compiled in a while.

David says that WEPP *itself* does support the watershed version, but
"without some sort of interface, it can be a humiliating experience to
attempt to run WEPP from the command-line." He is currently finishing
up an interface. For more info, ask del at


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