Interests in a CD-ROM containig GRASS for LINUX?

Antonio Munoz Rastrero ir2muraa at
Sat Jan 21 06:19:34 EST 1995

Hello Andreas,
	We are interested in your GRASS for Linux CD-ROM.
	We need to install it on a Pentium with PCI/Bus, so we are trying to install Slackware2.1 on this machine.  Is there any problem to run GRASS on this Linux release?
	We tried to install Slackware2.0 on a PCI/Pentium, but didn't work. We have read somewhere that we need Slackware2.1 on this machine. Do you know if it is true?
	Waiting for your reply, thanks in advance.

	Antonio Muñoz Rastrero.
	Servicio Centralizado de Información del Territorio
	Universidad de Córdoba

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