r.in.sunrast but no r.out.sunrast?

John Cartwright johncc at rover.ftc.nrcs.usda.gov
Fri Jan 20 21:08:37 EST 1995


have you considered using r.in.ppm/r.out.ppm.  These programs combined with the
netpbm utils might suit your needs.  Look in src.contrib/SCS/raster/r.ppm


John Cartwright				GIS Analyst
johncc at rover.ftc.nrcs.usda.gov		USDA-SCS/MACA
> Anybody know why there is no r.out.sunrast. I need some way
> to export a raster whilst maintaining the colour table.
> Any format will do tiff,gif,bmp,sun-raster.  up to now I have
> just grabbed from the screen but I need to get an scanned aerial 
> photo image out.
> any ideas
> Tom  8-)

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