.gislock and multiple users

Bob Harrington bobh at hwr.arizona.edu
Fri Jan 27 17:49:23 EST 1995

In article <9501192309.AA12257 at tsalmoth.colorado.edu> you write:

>I installed Grass4.1 on a DEC Alpha a couple of months ago, and now have 
>others in my group wishing to use it. Two questions .
>1. Can I set it up for muliple users , i.e. not me ?
>2. Can these users run concurrently ?
>If so how. I get a .gislock error when ever another user tries to log on to 

Sorry if this is too late, I should read this group more often.  It shouldn't
be too hard to figure out.  I was getting this .gislock error a couple of
weeks ago when I installed OSF/1 3.0.  

The only way I could figure to get rid of it was to set the permissions on
the locks directory to 777.  In $GISBASE run the command

chmod 777 locks

Also, the other users who rlogin to your workstation to run grass will
have to make sure they have their DISPLAY set correctly.

This may cause your system administrator to throw a fit, since everyone
in the whole world can now write to that directory, but it works.  The
rules for concurrent use are seem to be that no user can run two grass
sessions at once, and only one user may display maps on any particular


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