linux - XFREE386 question

kang at kang at
Mon Jan 30 11:05:30 EST 1995


There are two solutions for your problem.  First, recompile XFree86 specific
to your computer setup.  There is a Busemouse-HOWTO which describe how to
change the mouse IRQ setting before re-compile the XFree86.  The second solution
may be simply plug in a three button series mouse and change the mouse
configuration part in the XF86Config (if you are running XFree86 v. 3.1) or
the Xconfig (early version).  You don't even have to install the serial mouse
drive software in your DOS environment.  You just have two mice, one for MS-DOS
and one for Linux.  This works perfectly for my system with only $15 charge of
a new mouse.

Center for Remote Sensing, MSU

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