new user questions

frakt at MIT.EDU frakt at MIT.EDU
Fri Jul 7 08:00:00 EDT 1995

Hi.  I am soon to be a new GRASS user.  Currently I am only interested
in one program (is that what you call them?):  i.smap (alpha).  I am
seeking advice, comments, and suggestions from any and all but
especially anyone who has used i.smap.  I will be receiving version 4.1
on CD ROM and plan to install it for use on Suns running Solaris 4.1.3.
How can I use i.smap with minimal pain and time (consider that I am not
interested right now in all other aspects of GRASS)?  What documentation
should I read and where do I find it?  Has anyone used i.smap?  And, if
so, what pitfalls (if any) should I watch out for.

Thanks in advance for whatever assistance you can provide.

Austin Frakt
frakt at

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