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>David Wheatley sez:
><This is rubbish: exactly the kind of half-witted mis-information which gives
><newsgroups a bad name.
>Mr Wheatley,
>       I know that it is almost "that" black day in the lives of all Brits, bu
>cheer up. There are a lot of newbees out here who have a lot to learn. 
>Learning enough about complex computer systems to do one's work is a real
>challenge, usually a pleasant and rewarding one. Please, make the learning
>experience positive. 
>  * DAVE BARNES                                                   *

OK smart fellas, show me!  Name four major commercial Unix systems with
"ram-disk" and specifics about mounting procedures.

I can verify on Sun OS, a couple of DEC flavors, SVR4.  Reference to
"man" pages acceptable.

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