v.support memory fault

DON EBERT ebertd at nevada.edu
Mon Jul 3 14:38:07 EDT 1995

> I had a similar problem with 4.1.5 v.support, but compiled under
> Solaris.  I traced the problem to a function within the vector library,
> but I don't remember which one, offhand (this was several months ago).
> I took the easy way out, which was to copy over a previously compiled
> $GIS/etc/v.build executable from another machine with a 4.1.3 GRASS.
> It worked fine

Sounds like it's worth a try. Would anyone be kind enough to ftp me a 
copy of their compiled 4.1.5 v.build executable.  E-mail me direct and 
I'll supply the ftp instructions.  Thanks.

Don Ebert
Research Associate
National Biological Service
Cooperative Research Unit
University of Nevada - Las Vegas
e-mail: ebertd at nevada.edu

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