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Thu Jul 13 14:53:38 EDT 1995

You wrote:

>     I would like to download a satellite imagery of Montreal, Canada
>for my thesis (purely cosmetic). How does one locate such imagery in
>the public domain?
>Gigi Horsfield (gigi.horsfield at

My suggestion is to go visit the Satellite imagery FAQ. Here is a recent
posting about it by its author.

>Date: Sun, 11 Jun 1995 18:17:40 -0400
>From: Nick.Kew at

> Satellite Imagery FAQ
> =====================
> I am posting this rather widely, as it may be of some interest to a
> number of groups:
>       comp.infosystems.gis
>       sci.geo.*
>       sci.image.processing

> We - members of IMAGRS-L Image Processing and Remote Sensing Listserv -
> have created a new FAQ dealing with satellite imagery (of Earth).
> Though by no means complete, it does answer reasonably well (IMHO)
> some of the commonest questions on these groups.

> This is an html document, and is available on WWW.   One site is
> I hope shortly to be able to announce further sites.
> I could also post it, in plain text, to one or more groups.

> Would readers like to see such a document:
> - Posted regularly?
> - Posted once?
> - Not posted, but a pointer posted regularly?
> - Not posted at all?
> - Other?

> If replying/following up, please indicate what group(s) your comment(s)
> apply to.

My opinions.


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