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> Hi,
> Here I've kept a full archive of all email about conversions between Grass
> and ArcInfo, and it doesn't seem to answer one simple question:
> Why doesn't ArcInfo 6.1 'ungenerate' recognise polygons exported with 
> Grass 4.1.4 v.out.arc? Is there anything I need to edit in the ungenerate
> file? Or do I have to import polygons as 'lines', then build new topology?
> Confused,
> P. Martijn van Leusen -------------------------------------------------------
> Leverhulme Research Fellow, The Wroxeter Hinterland Project                  
> University of Birmingham Field Archaeology Unit                              
> Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT                                                
> Phone +44 121 414 5513  Fax +44 121 414 5516  E-mail P.M.van-Leusen at
Hi Martijn,
I think it is the right way to import lines first. I normally build the 
polygon topology in the second step with the build or clean command in 
ARC/INFO. It doesn't make any problems. We had more problems to exchange the 
label information, but it is possible too. We use v.reclass in GRASS to 
create the labels and import them with the POINTS option in the ARC/INFO 
generate command. 

Hope this helps ....


Hartmut Guendra
Geographisches Institut
Universitaet Heidelberg          Phone: (+49)-6221-564576 
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