LANDSAT Images Files -Reply

Gerald Nelson gnelson at
Mon May 1 08:00:00 EDT 1995

I have used several of the NALC triplicates.  The sample image is
probably band sequential since the triplicate images are.  I use GRASS
in Linux and theLinux  'split' command has a -b option. From the number
of rows and columns you can figure out how large each of the bands
are (490*516) bytes.  Just put the .img file into the cell directory, run
split (if there are 6 bands, split gives you six files), rename if you want,
and then run

Depending on the way your computer handles 2 byte data, you might
have to 'flip' the byte order; that is, exchange byte 2 and byte 1, byte 3
and byte 4, and so on.  IDRISI, a DOS (soon to be Windows), GIS has
this command.  I suspect other GIS/remote sensing packages do as

Thanks in advance
Bruce Stalcup>


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