Snowmelt model

Bradford J Stewart stewartb at CPVA.SAIC.COM
Wed May 17 17:19:59 EDT 1995

The principal architect of IPW is Jim Frew.  He can be reached at the
Institute for Computational Earth System Science (ICESS) located at the
University of California at Santa Barbara.  His e-mail address is: 

frew at

IPW is available in a few places.  Does anyone have the ftp site address?
You can also check the home page of ICESS at;

There is a whole section there on the Snow Hydrology Group headed up by Dr.
Jeff Dozier.  (Note that the web site may have changed "crseo" to "icess" by

Brad Stewart
Science Applications International Corporation

>>           There is a UNIX based software package called IPW (Image
>>           Processing Workbench) which enables you to determine
>>           incoming solar radiation based on a DEM and the time of
>>           year.  I believe the software was developed at Oregon State
>>           University, but I am not sure.  I have used this software
>>           for distributed snowmelt modelling, and it works pretty
>>           well.
>>           Brian Connelly
>>           National Weather Service
>Would it be possible to get a copy of this software ? I'm interested to run it
>on a DEC or Sun. Who can I contact at OSU ?

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