*.fmt file format!!

Abeer Alnaji alnaji at brcsun0.tamu.edu
Tue May 23 17:03:54 EDT 1995

Hello everybody...

	I have a CD with *.fmt, *.cad, *.gis extention files for Mexico; the readme file
and all other *.doc files are all in Spanish, which is the language that I can't 
speak nor read!!!!.  I need to know what format these files are in, and what GIS software 
could read them; I need to display some of these files in grass or ArcInfo!! and do more 
work with them!!

Any help is highly appreciated.


Abeer AL-Naji
GIS Specialist
Texas A&M University
Blackland Research Center
e-mail: alnaji at brcsun0.tamu.edu

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