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James Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Fri Nov 17 07:00:00 EST 1995

Alastair Duncan (100074.213 at writes on 17 November 1995:
>>> This is correct, the standard is called SDTS (Spatial Data Transfer
>>> Standard) and will be mandatory for (as I understand it) all government
>>> authorities in the US down to, but not including, tribal government level.
>>> As from something like the middle of next year all new data will have to
>>> be available in this format and the agencies will have to begin making
>>> their old data available in this format. 

does anyone know exactly when this is supposed to occur? What this
in the executive order?

>>> A standard closely based on SDTS is being put up in Australia and New
>>> Zealand, and I believe that the ISO is examining it.
>>>> What you are referring to is the Spatial Data Transfer Standard.  In
>>>> Australia it is called AS/NZS 4270.  In the US I think it is called FIPS P

where can I find info on AS/NZS 4270? Is this an adoption or SDTS or just
something similar?  What about ISO? Is there an ISO committee looking at SDTS?
(which committee? who is taking the lead?)

A group that I am involved with is beginning the standards process
for agriculturally-related data (mostly with respect to precision
farming). We are leaning heavily toward SDTS as a short term solution
for static data interchange. (Thus my questions.)

To make this a grass-specific message, some may be interested in 
knowing that SDTS is used as an export format on a web server
(grass commands are dynamically executed to created a vector profile):

BTW, anyone have any target dates for grass implementation of the
raster profile?

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