Common Data Interchange Format

Rick Thompson rick at
Fri Nov 17 07:00:00 EST 1995

Hi Al,
  David Stigberg of CERL has already written SDTS import/export programs that
are available on the ftp site. Info on using the standard
is included. I'm not sure that the site is up because of the gov't shutdown.

On 17 Nov 1995, Alastair Duncan wrote:

> Sounds like good stuff to me !! What I was wondering was whether anyone in th
> GRASS community could shed any more light on this, and whether the developers
> GRASS at CERL have started writing or preparing new import / export facilitie
> that would follow these standard data interchange formats ?? (and please ....
> if anyone from the British Ordnance Survey is listening out there ... could y
> sort out the horrible NTF data format and consider using the SDTS format in t
> future ......)
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