Hydrology in GRASS: r.water.fea

Baxter E. Vieux vieux at nouvelot.orstom.fr
Wed Nov 8 07:00:00 EST 1995

 Olivier Amram writes:
>You write that you use r.water.fea hydrology program.

The best option would be to check the home page on
You can get the source code, man pages and tutorial there or
on the moon.
r.water.fea should be a part of GRASS ver4.2 (I don't now the 
release date...maybe someone at CERL could answer that).
The model takes output from r.watershed and generates maps
of flow depth and hydrographs for selected basins. The model
connects each grid cell together with a finite element to
generate a system of equations. This system is solved in
time by finite difference. It is completely internal to GRASS
using maps of parameters to simulate rainfall-runoff. Most 
problems people have come from the delineation of the sub-basins
using r.watershed. Problems such as negative accumulation or
drainage directions are not tolerated by the r.water.fea 

Good luck--
Baxter Vieux

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