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On Tue, 7 Nov 1995, BARNES DAVID wrote:

>       Lots of very helpful traffic regarding Arc to GRASS. I have 
> recntly discovered the downloadable ARCVIEW 1 software available on the 
> web at and was interested in PC display of Grass 
> generated files. Any comments on this procedure? 
There may be a free entree in that AV2 will read imagery, so surely 
this applies to AV1 as well ???.
r.out.tiff is the simplest way to go. Can't remember off-hand whether AV2 is 
fussy about compression and colourtable options. Given that AV1 is really 
just a map viewer, lack of registration and/or a vector data structure may not 
be as great a handicap as it would be in AV2 or ARC. 

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