grass on linux?

Lawrence Houston grass at
Sun Nov 5 07:00:00 EST 1995

On Sat, 4 Nov 1995, James Duggan wrote:

> I have seen some results of GRASS and decided GRASS is worth trying.
> I run linux and have downloaded the linux binaries (precompiled 12 Megs).
> I have some data in grass format.
> I run GRASS and 'd.mon x1' does not work.
> Q/ How do I set up my monitor?

If you are refering to Andy Burnett's 4.1.3 Binaries on Moon, then running
his "ginstall" script should have updated $GIS/etc/monitorcap to the
partiticular location within your filesystem where it was installed.  If
NOT then you will have to modify the paths in monitorcap so they actually
access for your FIFOs.  With monitorcap pointing to actual FIFOs and your
XFree86 Server configured for 256 colors, "d.mon start=x?" should open a
display window (after a reasonable delay)! 

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