i.points (Simple Question)

Brad J Cadle bcadle at argon.GAS.UUG.Arizona.EDU
Sun Nov 5 07:00:00 EST 1995

Hi All,
        I have a simple question (in theory) regarding i.points.
All I want to do is to permantly remove some of the points I have marked
on a GIS image I wish to rectify.  Unfortunatley, All I am Able to do
is either include or exclude them from the rms calculation, and ofcourse
the final rectification.  This is not enough. I want to remove them from the
i.points list altogether so they do not appear on the display monitor.
I would've thought that such a simple function would be built into i.points.
Clearly, when large diamonds cover the image regardless of whether they are
included or not, it might be desirable to have them deleted from the list
i.points maintains.  Please let me know how I can accomplish this.

                                                -Brad Cadle

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